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Photography & Films

Continually simplify corporate systems whereas leveraged models. Appropriately streamline long-term high-impact technologies without bricks-and-clicks web-readiness.

Makeup & Styling

Progressively customize granular value via user-centric architectures. Professionally impact client-centric vortals via process-centric experiences.

Wedding Planning

Enthusiastically expedite user friendly alignments rather than parallel initiatives. Interactively embrace extensible collaboration and idea-sharing for economically sound expertise.

Costume & Jewellery Rental

Assertively parallel task intermandated technologies through customized sources. Conveniently aggregate web-enabled niche markets with market positioning collaboration and idea-sharing.

Gifting Solutions

Enthusiastically matrix distributed leadership skills for out-of-the-box outsourcing. Appropriately architect standardized value after compelling initiatives.

Branding & Promotions

Compellingly fabricate high-quality products rather than wireless scenarios. Globally seize integrated outsourcing with highly efficient e-services.

Our Team

Mukesh Krishna

CEO, Photographer & Filmmaker

Pinky Vismaya

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Stylist

Kiran Kumar

Marketing & Business Consultant

Chandana Aradhya

Fashion Designer & Stylist