Frequently Asked Questions.

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Promise. We abide.

We Take Care. Everything

We cover every moment, celebration & emotion. We collect maximum possible details while booking & you can relax till you get excited seeing the final album.

We build a friendly environment making you shine brighter than ever while posing for the camera.

We cover almost every natural moment from start to end on your big day without intervening.

We keep thinking of creative possibilities through you & your venue. The end results speaks for itself.

We click pictures & roll the video right from beginning till you pack up from the venue.

We cover getting ready shots of bride & groom, reception, wedding, ceremonies, dance, parties and more.

Based on the package you choose, we provide premium quality albums, professionally edited pictures, video highlights & so on..

As we already told, our goal is to tell your story through pictures. Beautifully & completely.

Depending on nature of your celebration, we usually give 300 to 700 edited images. Sometimes even more.

Within couple of days after event, we give you some edited highlight pictures from all events.

We provide you all the unedited images within a week for selection to edit & print in the album.

We take few days to edit shortlisted images & album designing.

Album will be printed only after you finalize any updates & corrections.

It's so easy!! Just say a Hi! in our CONTACT page. We will get back to you with some easy to choose packages for your big day.

You can also reach us directly at : +919742309770

YES. We do travel to your place!! We cover events all over India and we love to explore different traditions & cultures.

We have a super team of five & many more to fulfill all the requirements in your booked package. Highly skilled, experienced & adaptive.

Just like the pictures, you will remember everyone of our team forever.

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