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  • The Ultimate Guide To Professional Fashion & Model Photography

    In the captivating world of fashion photography, images tell compelling stories, showcasing style, beauty, and creativity. Our comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge and insights to excel in this art form. 1. Understanding the Role : Discover how fashion photographers shape visual narratives through collaboration and unique vision. 2. Essential Equipment : Explore cameras, lenses, lighting, and accessories to capture stunning fashion images. Choosing the right focal length & aperture matters. 3. Preparing for a Shoot : Learn about concept development, mood boards, location scouting, and model casting for successful shoots. 4. Directing Models : Master effective communication, posing techniques, and establishing rapport to bring out the desired aesthetic. 5. Styling and Fashion Direction : Collaborate with stylists and directors to create cohesive looks and impactful imagery. 6. Editing & Post Production : Enhance your images through techniques like color correction, retouching, and detail enhancement 7. Navigating the Industry : Build a portfolio, market yourself, and establish connections within the fashion industry. Conclusion : With our guide, you'll have the essential tools and insights to embark on a successful journey in professional fashion photography. Unleash your creativity and capture the allure of the fashion world with your unique perspective. #fashionguide #fashionphotography #modelphotography

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  • FAQ | The Candid Tales Photography | Upto 50% Off

    What type of photography do you specialize in? We specialize in Candid Photography and Cinematic film. We also love shooting professional portraits, fashion and events. Which locations do you provide photography services? We are based in Bangalore. We have shot lots of weddings & pre wedding shoots all around India. We are open to travel across the world to capture the most important day of your life. How big is your team? The size of the team is decided based on individual event’s requirement. For an intimate wedding, team of 3 is good enough. But we can also get a team of 10 if required. When should i book you? ASAP! Auspicious dates always get booked really fast. We reserve your dates after receiving certain advance amount & confirmation through mail. Most of our clients book us 4-6 months in advance. What are your payment terms? We take 50% of the total amount at the time of booking, the remaining balance is due on the final day of coverage. Can we get all the RAW pictures? We provide all RAW pictures during final delivery of albums & videos. We reject all the test shots, shots with missed focus, shots that don’t have good expressions, and any duplicates. But we deliver more than promised! FAQ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS SEE OUR WORKS GALLERY ➜

  • Hansini | Birthday | The Candid Tales Photography

    BIRTHDAY HANSINI Follow on Instagram : @thecandidtales SEE MORE WORKS GALLERY ➜

  • MALE PORTFOLIO | Mukesh Krishna Photography | The Candid Tales

    FASHION MALE PORTFOLIO Fashion Portfolio Shoot < Previous Next > SEE MORE WORKS GALLERY ➜

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